Are you already a cyborg?

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It’s nice to wake up on Sunday morning after a restful sleep and choose your breakfast and the music you want to listen to in peace.

There are many articles on this platform that advise writers against publishing texts on weekends because for some reason they are not preferred by…

How to start your topic with an idea

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There are many ways to find a topic to write about. Life is the greatest source of inspiration for any idea or text.

But what is this thing we call life? What lies behind this general term? It includes, among other things, people and especially their actions.

But people’s actions…

When do you remember what you’ve forgotten?

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That we live in an age of information overload is common knowledge. For most of us, it is a blessed time. Some are more concerned, saying that we produce far more information and data than we can ultimately consume.

Thomas Swift, Lecturer in…

Intense dreariness comes from the uniformity of the medium

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Recently, I was browsing through Facebook as usual. Every time, the same persistent feeling comes over me: after a few moments of scrolling down, I feel bored. Intense dreariness comes from the uniformity of the medium.

Writing on this medium feels like a monotonous, pompous show of low-to-poor quality: fiery…

Neuroscience in the service of education

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“Emotion is the energy that moves people. It is the driving force we all carry within us that makes us react to various stimuli from our environment or our memory. There is no thought without an emotional flame to feed it,” writes Francisco Mora, Dr. of Medicine at the University…

Follow your Nature

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Want to write an article or story and procrastinate?

Does your writing mood fluctuate between wanting to write and wanting to abort?

I think you’ve overestimated the process of writing.

All you have to do is start writing. It’s the simplest, easiest thing in the world. …

Thoughts on writing when I write

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How many times have you found yourself in the situation of writing a text and not knowing where it will lead you?

This is not an introduction trying to fight the fear of the blank page.

What is it, then?

It is an attempt I make, just a few minutes…

Even if you follow the rules, you will not be a great writer.

Today, there are many stories on the internet about efficient or successful writing. Everyone who writes has some relevant advice, tip, or hidden trick for better work.

So why not learn from the experts? I have picked…

We go from the promised joy of the morning to the late afternoon when we think of the next week’s duties.

Sunday remains an illusion; sunny at first, beginning with the promise of a fragile, utopian bliss. …

When you wake up early in the morning and your state of mind is stable, an epiphany reminds you of some truths. Your daily routine prevents us from thinking about them or expressing them.

Here are 10 truths that came to mind while I was waiting for the rain and…

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